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The Tao of Virility & Sexual Kung Fu

What does it mean to be a 'Multi-Orgasmic Man?
Short introduction by Dirk Al

It doesn't mean that you can't have ejaculation anymore. Being a Multi Orgasmic Man means being able to experience the full range of male orgasmic potential- including ejaculatory orgasm. To be a Multi Orgasmic Lover means that you can make love longer and more intense, bringing your partner to full satisfaction. Once you have experienced the bliss of non ejaculatory orgasm, it will not seem strange or unnatural to you anymore. Even the thought of ejaculation as the necessary 'end' of orgasm will seem odd to you: why end orgasm at all?

How to become a 'Multi-Orgasmic Man'?

The Universal Healing Tao teaches a comprehensive set of exercises and techniques, which are attested for their effectiveness in ejaculation control. It is best to practice the Tao of Virility in a certain order:

-to prepare our body and open the channels, we practice special Chi Kung Exercises, called 'Iron Shirt Chi Kung' and learn the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation to circulate the Chi-energy in our body 
-to attain to the Subtle Mind Control of our semen, and to open the body's subtle channels, we do the Testicle Breathing, circulate the energy and bring it up to our brain
-to 'Tame the White Stallion' and be able to control ejaculation also when fully aroused, we practice the External Locking Method (the famous 'Million Dollar Point'), the Power Lock and the Big Draw
-to safely exchange, transform and store sexual energy in our bodies, we practice the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation and the
Six Healing Sounds
-to experience higher levels of orgasm and exchange sexual energy with our partner, we become experts in Sexual Reflexology
-to explore the divine union of man and woman, we study, practice and realize the Multi Orgasmic Couple

Ejaculation and the female orgasm

"The male belongs to Yang. Yang's nature is such that the male is easily aroused but also quick to retreat.
The female belongs to Yin. Yin's nature is such that the female is slow to be aroused and also slow to be satiated."
Han Dynasty Tao adept Wu Hsien

If the male is too quick, the woman can not get aroused fully and will not be fulfilled. If the woman is not aware of her own orgasmic potential, she may confuse it with the ejaculation of the male, the 'water may boil over' and the man may ejaculate before reaching full orgasm. The multi-orgasmic man understands his own orgasmic response well and knows how to arouse the woman slowly, so that she may reach full orgasm. A multi-orgasmic woman has discovered her own orgasmic response and is skilled in leading the male into ever higher states of arousal (Valley Orgasm). Thus the  multi-orgasmic couple enjoys prolonged sex, where 'fire' and 'water', male and female  mutually complete and heal each other. Together they explore the realms of body, mind and spirit. Can there be any greater bliss than to experience multiple orgasm together and to touch the spirit whilst reaching out to it through the body? The Universal healing Tao publishes books and organizes special workshops and retreats for men and women who wish to learn about being multi- orgasmic. Men who want to increase their ability to please their woman and  understand the female anatomy and orgasmic response better, can thus deepen their understanding. In our courses we provide a safe environment in which these things can be learned, but it must be stated clearly that we do not provide nor facillitate any sexual encounter. 

The Tao of Virility: Empowering the 'Jade Stalk':

No doubt, the best way to strengthen or rejuvenate your sexual response is not Viagra, but non-ejaculatory sex, either through single cultivation or dual cultivation. The Universal Healing Tao offers treatments and teaches many techniques for empowering the penis or 'Jade Stalk'.

The first level, 'Increasing the Ching Chi', involves the practice of special Chi Kung exercises: Testicle Breathing and Scrotal Compression. Whereas Male sexual energy, or Ching Chi, is Yang, that means strong, hard and hot, the testicular energy is Yin, that means vulnerable, soft and cool. This fact can be attested by watching any football match, and goes to prove that the root of Yang energy is indeed the Yin. In the cool softness of the testicles, millions of sperm are being produced. The testicles are thus constantly generating energy. This energy is increased by practising the Testicle Breathing and Scrotal Compression Exercises. By circulating this -cool- testicular energy or 'Ching Chi' in the 'Microcosmic Orbit', we can open the body's energy channels and learn to recycle our sexual energy, yielding great (sexual) health benefits.

The second level, 'Sharpening your Weapon', starts with strengthening the pelvic and penile muscles. There are many -levels of- muscles in the pelvic floor, and also the penis, or 'Jade Stalk', has muscle tissue. Although the shaft of the penis is mainly made up from smooth muscle tissue, which is outside our conscious control, a ring of muscles encircles the base of the penis, which is the kind of muscle tissue that can be trained. Strengthening these muscles will contribute to the strength and endurance of your erection. Some of the muscles in the pelvic floor, like the famous PC muscle, are easy to feel and contract, but there are others, like the Ischio Cavernosis muscle and the ring muscles of the urethra, which are more difficult to find. Once you understand more about the anatomy of your sexual organ, you will be ready to proceed with the 'Sharpening of your Weapon' and learn about Sexual Reflexology. 

The third level, ''The Dragon Pearl Exercise", involves special techniques of massaging your testicles and circulating the sexual energy in the 'Microcosmic Orbit'. Testicular massage is particularly power full for transforming sexual energy or 'Ching Chi' into Chi or Life Force and may be used by athletes to -legally- increase Testosterone. It is also known as a power full technique for increasing sperm count. This kind of massage is also used for healing purposes and is a part of the 'Karsei Nei Tsang' or Genital Therapeutic Massage, a treatment which is offered and taught at Tao Garden Resort.

The fourth level, "Taming the White Stallion", comprises all of the four so called 'attainments of the Jade Stalk': firmness, swelling, hardness and heat. It means that you must have mastered the other levels first, so that your sexual energy is abundant, your pelvic muscles toned well, and your blood and semen power full. When you can control ejaculation, your penis will stay firm, so that you can enjoy having sex for a long time. To achieve ejaculatory control, the Universal Healing Tao teaches the Power Lock and Big Draw, which in combination with the other techniques, may yield a full, internal, control of semen emission. Once the leakage of energy is stopped, potency becomes stronger than ever.

 Prostatic Health Exercises

At Tao Garden special Male Sexual Health Programs are offered, which are aimed at restoring normal prostate function, keeping the prostate gland healthy and preventing prostate gland enlargement. The first step is the prostatic massage, which is part of the part of the 'Karsei Nei Tsang' or Genital Therapeutic Massage, a treatment also offered and taught at Tao Garden Resort. In addition, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Medicine treatments are offered, such as Herbal Preparations, Acupuncture and Supplements (Saw Palmetto). A special ultra sound device for prostatic treatment is also available. To ensure a good prostate function, also for the future, special Prostatic Health Exercises are offered, which are based on Kegel exercise and Sexual Kung Fu exercise. These exercises are very effective.

Sexual Kung Fu to Strengthen your Health:

Bone Marrow Nei Kung & Chi Weight Lifting

'Ching-Chi', or sexual energy, is the basis of our life force. The practice of Sexual Kung Fu enables us to use sexual energy to heal ourselves. The Universal Healing Tao teaches special Internal Chi Kung exercises, called Bone Marrow Nei Kung, which in Chinese tradition are renowned for their health improving and rejuvenating effects. First the Bone Breathing technique must be mastered, which allows us to store Chi inside the bone to replenish the marrow. In a later stage a special kind of weight lifting is taught, which liberates great amounts of sexual energy or 'Ching Chi', which then are circulated in the body and stored in the bones and cavities of the body. There are many benefits to these exercises, but to practice incorrectly may be dangerous to health. The prerequisite for teaching Bone Marrow Nei Kung in combination with Chi Weight Lifting, is that one must be experienced in Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, as taught by Master Mantak Chia and his certified instructors. 

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