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The Tao of Dual Cultivation: 
Transforming Sexual Energy into Bliss, Health & Longevity

"The male belongs to Yang. Yang's nature is such that the male is easily aroused but also quick to retreat.
The female belongs to Yin. Yin's nature is such that the female is slow to be aroused and also slow to be satiated."

In Taoist tradition, the Yin, or Female principle, is often refered to as Water, while the Yang, the Male principle, is refered to as Fire. When the Fire and Water of our parents united, our life is created and an individual being is born from the Womb of the Mysterious Mother.

The human condition resembles that of Fire and Water, since Water reflects the Feminine and Fire the Masculine. Both are perfect in themselves, but not stable. We need to balance the one with the other, in order to produce a perfect relationship. Learning the Taoist sexual practice of  "Dual Cultivation', is about cultivating such a perfect relationship between Man and Woman. Fusing the Fire and Water together produces a Healing Love, which can enhance the Life Force
of each partner. As Mantak Chia says:

"...learn the Tao of Love, you are on the treshold of a new experience. That experience will alter your perceptions of your own body and mind. It will change the way you see your lover, and change your understanding of sex and love."
(Master Mantak Chia in Taoist Secrets of Love, Cultivating Male Sexual Energy)

The Tao of Love has many secrets to share:

First of all, the possibility of sharing the experience of multiple orgasms with your partner. For men, this means having more than one orgasm without loosing your erection and without ejaculating. For women, it means to be able to explore female orgasm to the full: making love with a multi-orgasmic male means having more opportunity for intimacy and sensitivity, and the possibility of being in charge of your own orgasm. 

Did you know that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate bodily functions? In the courses offered through the Universal Healing Tao, the way in which men can learn to control ejaculation and strengthen erection, is taught thoroughly and safely. Women will learn jade egg exercises and other exercises designed to get more in touch with your body and increase your orgasmic ability.


Secondly, experiencing different kinds of orgasm. Did you know that there are different levels of orgasm? In the courses taught through the Universal Healing Tao, you will be introduced to the Valley Orgasm, Full Body Orgasm, Senses Orgasm, Brain Orgasm, Organs Orgasm and of course, Genital Orgasm. Exploring these different levels of orgasm, you bond with your partner in a deep way, finding the connection between your body and soul, organs, senses and emotions, mind and spirit. In the Universal Healing Tao courses, a variety of exercises and meditations are offered, which will be tools on your spiritual journey together and help you to develop physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Third, the Way of the Tao teaches how to utilize sexual energy for Health and Healing purposes. For over 5000 years Taoist sages have known that sexual energy, when harnessed and cultivated can be used to improve physical, mental and spiritual well-being. One way to explore these possibilities is through the techniques described in Mantak Chia's book: 'Sexual Reflexology'. 

Essential for all of these techniques, however, is the mastery of the Taoist practices taught in our courses, such as Iron Shirt Chi Kung, the Microcosmic OrbitInner Smile, and Six Healing Sounds meditations. 

The Health benefits mentioned above, are too numerous to be mentioned here and can be found on the respective pages for men and women.

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