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A short introduction by Sarina Stone,
Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor


The importance of women’s sexual health has become a common and often talked about issue around the world. We are no longer in the dark about the importance of this most sacred energy our body produces and the role it plays in our physical, mental, and spiritual well being. It is a new time for women; a time for open communication and sharing.

In the pages offered here, Universal Healing Tao and its instructors offer you practical advice and instruction regarding reproductive organs, sexual energy, healthy sexual attitudes, and exercises for attaining radiant health.

It was my distinct pleasure to assist Master Mantak Chia in collecting the best and most usable material for women’s sexual health and posting it here for all to utilize and learn from. In my earliest memories of studying with Master Chia, I recall him teaching that when enough of us transform our negative emotional state, the world will spontaneously transform its own negative energy and become a more beautiful place. In the years since I was taught this, I have seen rooms filled with women performing the healthy, healing exercises contained in these pages and have witnessed the gentle power of healthy Yin Chi. I have seen women laugh and dance and fill a room with their essence. I have seen repressed women smile to their body and transform their negative views of themselves. And when this joy spreads from their smiling eyes, indeed, the room is transformed to a celebratory space filled with compassion and strength of femininity. What healthy person could resist this grace?

Feminine strength does not push or control, rather it’s power comes from compassionate wisdom and offers a perfect compliment to its Yang, masculine counter part. Without Yin, or water, the Yang, or Fire, burns too hot and eventually extinguishes itself. Yes ladies, there is strength and beauty in being women. We are needed, and in turn, need a healthy connection to that which is our opposite to be truly balanced. No woman is an island, rather she is the water surrounding the island that permeates and nourishes all life. Let us endeavor to keep our energy clean and vital, together.

Sarina Stone is a Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor many times over. She began studying Taoist Meditation under the direct supervision of Taoist Master, Mantak Chia in 1990. After certifying as a massage therapist in 1994, she began combining meditation, bodywork, and nutrition while teaching and treating students around the world. Her light-hearted, open approach to the Taoist practices has made her a Universal Healing Tao and media favorite internationally.

Miss Stone currently teaches Medical Chi Kung in workshop and retreat formats, and is available for University lectures, television and radio interviews. www.sarinastone.com


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