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Many years ago, Taoist Master, Mantak Chia published the Healing Love Through The Tao books. One, a book which teaches women how to cultivate, refine, circulate and store reproductive energy through controlling menstruation, and the other, a book for men which teaches Taoist techniques to cultivate, refine, circulate, and store their sexual energy through controlling ejaculation. These books were primarily written for Master Mantak Chia's students and for practitioners of Taoist meditation. The practices described therein require preparation and study with a certified instructor. Then, with the publication of the Multi-orgasmic series of books these teachings came available for all interested in radiant health and improving their sexlife, both physically and mentally.

In addition to training his certified instructors, Master Mantak Chia currently Offers Courses and treatments at Tao Garden Spa and Resort, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Retreats in which these Taoist practices are taught, and the foundation is layed for a healthy use of the sexual techniques contained in the books. As part of a general detox and health improving program, special treatments are offered, such as Chi Nei Tsang and Karsei Nei Tsang, both of which contribute to our Sexual Health and well being.

Through the Universal Healing Tao a most comprehensive collection of written and visual material is made available on the subject of Taoist Sexual Health. We offer to you here a collection of information and free lessons, which may wet your appetite to become a student and ultimately take responsibility for your physical, mental and energetic sexual self. We hope this inspires you and we will see you in Tao Garden soon to study these amazing techniques with the master himself.

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Bone Marrow Nei Kung Healing Love The Multi-Orgasmic Man The Multi-Orgasmic Woman The Multi-Orgasmic Couple Taoist Secrets of Love Sexual Reflexology
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A Touch Of Sex Prostate Chi Kung
Uterus Chi Kung

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